Family Dentistry El Paso: Just How Important Is Mouthwash?

Just How Important is Mouthwash?

You know you need to brush your teeth a couple of times a day and also that you should floss more often. This is true for pretty much every person living in America, isn’t it? But where does mouthwash fit into the picture exactly? As everybody knows, mouthwash makes your mouth smell good, but is there more to it than that? Is it important to use at all?

If this is a question you’ve asked yourself before, then you’re in luck, because in today’s blog the team at Apilado Family Dentistry will tackle that very issue, showing once and for all exactly how important mouthwash actually is. Keep reading to learn more!

Should You Use Mouthwash At All?

If you’ve ever been to the store to look for mouthwash, you might have felt a little bit overwhelmed. There are dozens of different brands that all claim to do different things. There are versions that contain alcohol and some that are alcohol free. But what does all of that even mean? Are you setting yourself up for failure by getting one brand over another? Do you even need mouthwash at all? After all, it’s got to be a fairly new invention, right?

Does professional teeth whitening work?

Here is the simplest answer we can possibly give–if you want your breath to smell good (and who doesn’t’?) then you should definitely use mouthwash. There are, as we discussed above, different types of mouthwash that you might consider using, and according to the American Dental Association, “there are therapeutic mouthwashes that help reduce or control plaque, gingivitis, bad breath, and tooth decay.” That means that while they can help to give your breath an air of minty freshness, they are also useful tools in the fight for overall dental health.

Which One Should You Use?

So now that we’ve established that mouthwash can, in fact, be good, how are you supposed to go about the difficult task of picking one? We have more good news. The truth is that with few exceptions, pretty much any mouthwash you choose ought to be just fine. Many mouthwashes contain similar ingredients that will all get the job done equally well.

Of course you may need a particular mouthwash for a dental issue that you’re having and if that’s the case, the team at Apilado Family Dentistry in El Paso would be glad to provide you with the advice you need to make a decision. For example, if you have a problem with plaque, we could point you in the direction of a mouthwash that specifically helps to fight plaque.

Have a Question?

If you’re confused by all of this, that’s okay. Your take away should be that mouthwash is good, but generally not as important as brushing and flossing. Either way, we would be glad to speak with you on this very subject at your next appointment, ensuring that you are setting your mouth up for success.

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