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Periodontal Disease

What is periodontal disease?

One of our areas of expertise here at Apilado Family Dentistry is the treatment of periodontal gum disease and the promotion of periodontal health.

According to the American Dental Association, “periodontal disease is an infection that affects the tissues and bone that support the teeth.

“Healthy gum tissue fits like a cuff around each tooth. When someone has periodontal gum disease, the gum tissue pulls away from the tooth. As the disease worsens, the tissue and bone that support the tooth are destroyed. Over time, teeth may fall out or need to be removed.”


The practice of a good oral hygiene routine for a few minutes twice a day can help reduce the risk of getting periodontal disease and tooth decay. While regular brushing is needed to prevent decay on the surface of teeth, regular flossing is essential for preventing decay between the teeth as well as periodontal gum disease. If you brush but almost never floss, you could be in need of periodontal therapy.

Early treatment for receding gums can help prevent tooth loss even if you’re already experiencing the symptoms of periodontal gum disease. For this reason, we stress the importance of regular dental checkups and periodontal therapy.


Treatment methods depend upon the type and severity of the gum disease.

In the early stage (known as “gingivitis”), Apilado Family Dentistry can perform a professional cleaning procedure called scaling and root planing. This is also sometimes called a “periodontal cleaning” or a “deep teeth cleaning” and may take more than one visit.

Dr. Apilado might also recommend medicine to control infection and pain or to aid the healing process. If the disease continues to advance, you may be referred to a periodontist for specialized treatment.

If you’re worried you may have periodontal gum disease, make an appointment for an examination at Apilado Family Dentistry in El Paso right away.

As part of our services, we will also make sure to provide information on prevention of and promotion of periodontal health.

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