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Teeth sealants protect the top portion of your tooth, acting as barriers to prevent cavities. Sealants for teeth are made from clear or shaded plastic, and are applied to the back teeth (premolars and molars) where cavities are most likely occur.

How Do Teeth Sealants Work?

Sealants for teeth literally “seal out” the food and plaque that causes decay. Even when you brush regularly, it can be difficult to clean along the tiny grooves in the back of the teeth where food and bacteria love to hide.

Because children eat a lot of sugary treats and don’t brush as thoroughly as adults, cavities can quickly develop if teeth sealants aren’t in place. For this reason, children and teens are the most common recipients for teeth sealant procedures at Apilado Family Dentistry.

Prevent Cavities For A Lifetime With Sealants For Teeth!

When properly cared for, sealants for teeth can last for many years. Sealants last longer when the individual maintains good oral hygiene and avoids biting on hard objects.

Here at Apilado Family Dentistry, we can gladly apply teeth sealants for you or your children and ensure that they remain in place throughout the years.

If you think someone in your family can benefit from teeth sealants, call our office and set up an appointment today!

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